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Bringing ideas to life with creativity and technology. Let's make something extraordinary together. Join me down below and let's get cracking!


screenshot from Mindenkié web


Developed a client's blog, implementing webhooks to trigger automatic deployments, edge functions for dynamic Open Graph, and server components.

screenshot from Versatile web


React blog utilizing RTK-query, optimistic updates and normalized cache state

screenshot from Diarymate web


A web-based journaling platform with multimedia note-taking capabilities built using React and powered by Firebase.

screenshot from Awsomenews web


A Gatsby page showcasing embedded Hacker News content through iframes, created as part of a frontend challenge

screenshot from Calenly web


A big calendar web, featuring the ability to create, store, modify, and delete events, with multi-user support

screenshot from PokeDelta web


A Pokedex web app with filters, cached data from queries, and customizable entry display

screenshot from Mejor Postor web

Mejor Postor

As part of a multidisciplinary team at No Country organization, I played a key role in developing a betting website

screenshot from Masked Heroes web

Masked Heroes

A web built using React Router to navigate through entries by ID and featuring a search component.

screenshot from GiftExpert web


A web page built to master Fetch API using React

screenshot from Library web


My first work with a team and React application

screenshot from GetPass web


My very first project, marking the start of my wonderful journey into web programming.


Introducing the ultimate solution for Covid-19 data management

Developed from scratch alongside one of my best friends, our app was designed to streamline data collection and management, making it easier than ever to keep track of critical information related to Covid-19.

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